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If you have questions before you would like to start any cooperation with us, please have a look at our FAQ page as it covers all the details you may wish to know.

  • Is mastering process different for different styles of music?

    Most of the equipment is the same, but the settings and levels can be very different depending on the project. And with Multimastering, you get 3 unique versions of your music so you can choose the one that best represents your style.

  • How long does it take to upload my tracks?

    It could take a while, depending on the file size(s) and the speed of your Internet connection. It may take 5 - 10 minutes to start uploading all your track(s) and let the program run over night. Even a large project would transfer in a few hours. Note: If you encounter problems uploading or if you'd prefer to use a robust FTP client, our Studio support Team can provide the necessary information and help you transfer your files.

  • Can 3F Music add ISRC codes to the premaster disc?

    Yes. Just supply us with the appropriate information and we will apply them before the studio master discs are finalized.

  • I have a home studio. Is there a referral program if I send my clients to 3F Music?

    Yes, of course. 3F Music is a producer-preferred studio. For more information, send us an email at

  • Am I entitled to a discount if I have a lot of songs to master?

    No. We have found that every song needs the same attention. Our price is based on the necessary elements for Multimastering. Most mastering studios cut corners on a large project, but you will hear the difference when each second of your audio has been handled by our team of engineers at 3F Music. Your music is worth the extra time.

  • Can MP3s be mastered?

    Yes, but we highly recommend a file format that is not compressed (like a .WAV) MP3s are compressed to save space, but they lose certain frequencies to accomplish this. That means, they won't have as much room for improvement with mastering.

  • Am I supposed to make payment prior to sending my tracks?

    After you upload your tracks, we will send you an invoice to your email. After you made the payment the process will be started.

  • Can 3F Music master a music that has not been professionally recorded?

    Of course! The best things you can do for your music is to master it. Even if the recording is not the highest quality, our unique process will provide you with 3 great studio versions that will make the most of each track.

  • How long does it take to master my music?

    Not long. Once you finish the order process and 3F Music receives your tracks, we will begin the Multimastering process right away. That's why we recommend uploading and downloading your files, instead of physically mailing them. It usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to have your music mastered and providing the three best web-ready editions to be available for download.

  • Can I order additional copies of my favorite master? How much does it cost?

    Yes. Up to 3 additional copies of a single edition are FREE upon request, and can be mailed for the price of shipping and handling.


  • Will MASTERING make my songs LOUDER?

    Yes. Usually, your audio will seem louder. But, this is not the main purpose of top-level mastering. Overall balance and clarity are also main objectives in the mastering process.

  • How many engineers will work on my project?

    The entire 3F Music team of engineers will have the access to your audio, but only the best 3 editions will be chosen for final clean-up and special processes. You can also keep in touch with the team working on your music through this email address 

  • Will my music and my personal information be safe?

    Yes, indeed. 3F Music has spared no expense in protecting your musical and financial identity. Our website as well as our entire studio network uses encryption techniques designed to ensure your safety. No other studio can protect your music like we do. Most of them don't even try.

  • How can I make sure 3F Music will work based on my vision for this project?

    Don't 3F Music, we know; every artist should care about his/her songs. The engineers that are working on your music will carry out your specific instructions. And you will be able to communicate with them throughout the entire mastering process.

  • Can 3F Music master live recordings?

    Yes! Some of the best albums are live, but they take extra care in mastering. It may take a little longer, but it's worth the wait for sure!

  • Do you also offer duplication or replication services? Or should I look for a disc manufacturing company?

    No. 3F Music is exclusively a professional mixing and mastering studio. However, we can recommend a company for short-runs and large CD replication orders. The best option for you may depend on your location. Just let your engineers know when you choose the Multimastering edition you like best, if you'd like us to send it for you.

  • What audio mastering software do you recommend if I want to master my own recordings at home? My band always does its own recording and mixing with audio editing software (like Adobe Audition, Pro-Tools, etc.)...

    Well, unfortunately, there isn't a single piece of mastering software or hardware that will give you the results you need to stand out in the music market. Audio mastering programs are better today than they were a few years ago, but they only emulate the real things. So if you don't know what all the buttons and knobs do, and the principals of post-production, then you may spend more money and still not have the result you're looking for. The newest version of T-Racks is good for starters, but remember that if you do your own recording and mixing, you owe it to yourself, your fans, and your songs, to at least have a professional help you at the mastering stage - it's the least expensive part of the whole project to pay studio engineers to handle.

  • When 3F Music sends out my final masters, can I myself burn copies from them? Are they ready for this purposes? If so, what's a good quality burner that doesn't cost too much?

    When you receive your studio masters either on CD or as downloadable files, they are ready to copy and sell. You want to make sure you are burning an exact copy (or replica) of the album master you want to package and sell. It really depends on how many CD copies you want to make at a time, and what kind of other computer gear you have as to which DIY solution will be best. None of us @ 3F Music Mastering even with short-run CD releases ever tried to make hundreds of copies ourselves. Your time is more valuable than you might think. Let a company like MyDiscOutlet takes care of replicating your CDs and packaging them for you - it will save you it will make you money in the long run.

  • After I mastered my music, what's the best way to distribute my CDs? I want to sell my CDs in other countries..

    One great option for indie artists to sell their CDs internationally is to go to They offer a free service that allows you to send them your music and artwork first, set up an online store, and you only pay when people buy your CD.

  • Should I have my music mastered before I sell it on iTunes?

    Yes. It's more important than ever to have a professional sound when considering digital distribution. You want people to hear the difference right away when they're browsing for new music. Mastering will give you the advantage you need for selling your songs online.


  • My recording may need a lot of work before it can be mastered, would 3F Music handle the mixing? or I need to send my session files to a different studio, and then bring back the final mix-downs to 3F Music?

    Yes, we will do the mixing as well. Our highly experienced  mixing engineers will bring you unbelievable mixing quality.

  • What if I cannot see my question (or the answer) here? I'm not sure if it's related to the online audio mastering...

    To submit your technical question, call 3F Music at 0097144356208 or send an email to The worst question is the one you don't ask. If you don't see a topic covered on this page, and you want to ask an expert, feel free to contact The 3F Music Mastering Team anytime. Even if you aren't looking to have a recording mastered right now, and you're just doing research, we'll be happy to take time out to help you learn the ropes and share some insider studio tips and tricks. If you're interested in having your music recorded professionally, or doing your own mixing, finding out the best way to prepare your mixes for the highest quality mastering results, or if aren't sure how to decide between CD duplication and replication - even what to do to start selling songs online or set up physical distribution - we've been in the music and audio production world for a long time, and we enjoy working with new recording artists, engineers, and producers...because let's face it, between the creation and the marketing of any finished album, there's a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it. So, let's get going!

  • Can 3F Music also mix my recording project before mastering them? I did a lot of my own mixing and recording, but it just doesn't sound right...

    This is a common question - believe it or not, sometimes mastering is the only thing missing, and amateur-mixing skills won't be as noticeable. However, it is also very common for songs to arrive at the mastering studio that aren't quite ready for mastering. When that happens, we let our clients know right away if more mixing time will make a big difference in the quality of the finished masters. Sometimes, though, it's less mixing that is needed, and we request an earlier version of the mix before certain limiting and compression settings were applied for example. We are happy to perform some finishing work to your mixes prior to the primary mastering process, but it isn't as easy to quote this type of pre-mastering studio service without analyzing the actual session files ourselves first.

  • My mix is distorting in a few places, will your techniques be able to fix that? I didn't notice any clipping from the recorded tracks - but after I mixed all the instruments and vocal tracks together, my song sounds muddy...

    Mastering your recording won't fix everything, mainly because we can't make adjustments to only one track without affecting the others. When 3F Music masters your audio, we begin with a single stereo WAV file of each song, which means you're past the point in the production process where you can adjust tracks individually. Sometimes distortion can be eliminated, but it depends on several factors. That's why we don't charge our clients for mastering until we've carefully checked each second of audio for errors, and closely analyzed the mix. If we discover the mix needs more attention before we can significantly enhance it with mastering, we'll let you know right away - but because our Studio Team is always available, we can help over the phone and through email so you can be sure your mix downs are ready before you send them to our studio for mastering.

  • Do you accept PayPal?

    Yes. PayPal is the most secure easiest way for online payments.

  • How do I know if my songs are ready for mastering? Like the mix, and the audio file format, and so on...

    That's a great question - there are several things to check before sending your music to 3F Music for mastering. Because every project is different, we recommend contacting the studio first for a free consultation. Just give us a call and a member of The Studio Team will be glad to help you ensure your tracks are ready for mastering.

  • Does 3F Music only master music, or can I send other types of audio for mastering?

    Music is most commonly requested, but we can master almost any type of recording. If you have a speech, commercial, Podcast, or even a phone call that needs mastering, contact us first. Our per-song pricing doesn't apply to some of these types of audio, but instead will depend on length, and the specific restoration or media conversion needed.

  • Why is online audio mastering better than regular mastering services? Shouldn't I be in your mastering studio during the mastering process?

    Choosing an online mastering studio is good because, you don't have to pay the high rates that come with a retail studio location. We bring all the engineers to you, so you can have full control over your projects without leaving home.

  • Is the shipping costs FREE?

    No, but high-quality downloads will be made available for you immediately after Multimastering is complete, so there will be no delay for you in receiving your finished masters. If you still prefer to have the studio originals mailed to you, the price is not padded, but will depend on the chosen carrier and method of shipping.

  • How should I prepare my audio for mastering?

    The most important thing to remember before sending your mix-downs in for mastering is to make sure there are no places where your audio is louder than -3dB. It's actually a good practice to keep your entire track below -6dB. If you aren't sure how loud your mix is, contact us first. We'll help you get your tracks ready.

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