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3F Music proudly facilitates your collaboration with several outstanding and internationally recognized music players. You can send us your tracks as well as music sheet or scores and choose your favorite player and then you will get the part performed and recorded professionally.

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Ardeshir Farah

farahArdeshir Farah is part of the Grammy Nominee guitar duo "Strunz and Farah". The unique style of acoustic guitar playing of "Strunz and Farah" has influenced many guitar players. They have released 16 Cd's and one performance DVD. Their CD Primal Magic, which was phenomenally successful, was Billboard Magazine's "World Music Album of the Year" and was Number One on Billboard's World Music chart for weeks and their next release Americas was nominated for a Grammy for the "Best World Music Album of the year" and was also on top of the Billboard's World Music charts for many weeks. They have performed numerous concerts in USA, Canada, Central America and South America over the years and they have shared the stage with luminary artists like, Chic Corea, George Benson, Miles Davis, Kenny Loggins and many more.
Ardeshir Farah, along with Jorge Strunz, has created an entirely new expression for the acoustic guitar. He played guitar since childhood, focusing on popular music and improvisation. He has performed and recorded extensively with many of the top expatriate Persian singers and musicians in the US. Ardeshir was the first to use Middle Eastern inflections in a contemporary guitar setting. His style has a unique exoticism. Strunz & Farah are widely respected in the flamenco community. They count as friends Paco de Lucia, Pepe Habichuela, Agustín Carbonell "El Bola", Jose Miguel Carmona (of Ketama), Gerardo Nuñez, Ramón Jimenez, and Rafael Riqueni, many of whom they have also played with. Other renowned world, jazz and classical musicians they have recorded with include Dr. L. Subramaniam, Ashish Khan, Heyadeh, Manoochehr Sadeghi, Bijan Mortazavi, Jihad Racy, Edwin Colón Zayas, Stanley Clarke, Hubert Laws, and Liona Boyd. They have also recorded with Joan Baez, and have recorded and performed often with Jackson Browne.
Some of their other masterpieces include Misterio (1989) , The popular Best of Strunz & Farah (2000) and Stringweave (2001), Rio de Colores (2003), a river of colors ,Desert Guitars (2005) S&F's most recent recording, Fantaseo, is a journey through folk and urbane Latin America, rustic Iran, and include an appreciative nod to American jazz, albeit underpinned with their intrinsic ethnic touch. In all of these recordings (which have sold well over a million), one can savor the fruits of one of the most unique yet enduring and harmonious musical collaborations in the world of the guitar.


hakimHakim Rachek Aka Kim Carrera was born in Paris, France.Since childhood he has had three obsessions in life: Music, Computers and Traveling. At the early age of six hakim was extremely interested in playing classical guitar and duo to his intrigue, was enrolled in a classical music conservatory for ten years.
When Hakim turned fifteen he fell in love with playing bass guitar. By the age of 20, hakim had manifested from a boy with an ear for music to one of the most competent bass players in Paris.
Playing every type of music, including sounds from music legends; Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and Steve Wonder just to name a few, and mastering genres including jazz, funk, soul and pop music. His love of music combined with computer knowledge contributed to hakim's first LP in his computer based studio at the age of twenty-one. Hakim is also a professional singer, music composer and producer.
His range of instrument goes on to keyboards and electric guitar. However, his expertise is in studio techniques including recording, mixing, editing and mastering songs.
Since 2004 hakim has established himself in Los Angeles, California where he invited to join the famous Persian pop band – Black Cats Next Level, as their newest bass player.BlackCats next Level is produced by Shahbal Shabpareh and arranged by Schubert Avakian.Together with his band-mates, Hakim toured all around the world in prestigious venues such as the Kodak Theater,Los Angeles; Gibson Amphitheather,Los Angeles; Caesars Palace and Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas,Nevadal ;Oberhausen in cologne ,Germany; and the Tennis Aviation Club in Dubai.
Hakim has co-composed, arranged, played, and co-produced two albums on his own for the world music band X-ELEMENTZ, distributed exclusively through the world's largest e-store:iTunes.His works includes producing Pop/Crunk tracks for the female singer Kammy Kam and co-producing the new single Dobareh and album for the famous Persian singer KamyR.

Armen Anassian

armenArmen Anassian was born and raised in Armenia where he began his musical studies, and moved to the United States with his family at the age of 15.He holds Master degrees in Instrumental Conducting and Violin Performance, and studied in the United States, Armenia, and Germany.Anassian has held conducting and/or concertmaster positions with such noted groups as the Hoboken Chamber Orchestra, Freiburg Chamber Orchestra, Heidelberg Chamber Orchestra, and the International Zelt Musik Orchestra. He has performed hundreds of concerts in France, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States. In addition to playing violin with the Los Angeles Opera, Annasian is concertmaster with the Symphony in the Glen. He collaborated with Santa Clarita Symphony with Maestro Robert E. Lawson in 1999 when he performed Brahms' "Violin Concerto" with the Symphony of the Canyons Orchestra. In the United States, Anassian has been a featured soloist with the California Philharmonic Orchestra, Pasadena Pops Orchestra, Riverside Philharmonic Orchestra, Burbank Symphony Orchestra, Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra, and the Pacific Palisades Symphony Orchestra.
Anassian was also hired by Yanni as a concertmaster for the 1994 tour, as well as serving as a violin soloist. He appears on the live concert videos, Yanni Live at Royal Albert Hall and Tribute. Recording credits and soundtracks: Recording credits also include artists such as Fergie, Ricardo Arjona, Dave Hollister, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, and Will Downing. Anassian frequently works with the recording and film industries, playing regularly with composers such as John Williams, James Horner, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri, and Danny Elfman.Soundtrack credits include "Rush Hour 2", "Matchstick Men", "Twisted, King Kong", "The Legend of Zorro", "The Nativity Story", "Robots", "The Skeleton Key", "Spanglish", "Steamboy"," The Lost City", "Blades of Glory", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Transformers" and "Gracie".

Ramon Stagnaro

ramonRamon Stagnaro, guitar soloist extraordinaire, is much at ease in both acoustic and electric environments. Adding to this unusual expertise is his mastery on the South American charango, Mexican bajo-sexto and vihuela, mandolin, Cuban Tres, Russian balalaika, Puerto RIcan cuatro, guitar-synth... and exceptional sense of melody, blameless harmonic erudition, unshakable sense of time & style...
More than fifty guitars & string instrumetns -and counting!- tell a story that has nothing to do with shallow, 'show-off' competitiveness, but everything to do with solid integrity and a 'take-no-prisoners', obsessive --yet positive-- dedication.
"Why?" people may ask. The answer is easy: because both musical expression & artistic responsibility have no boundaries, excuses or explanations.His specialty shines through the plurality of his endeavor.
Fulfilling the saying: it is important to search, but finding is transcendental! Ramon has found a mutifaceted answer to express his unique, eclectic, and matchless gift. Years of development have yield in a resourcefulness of paramount proportions. Where many struggle trying to find a voice on a given direction or style, Ramon exercises multiple 'musical languages' fluently, with remarkable authority, uncanny depth of expression & tremendous knowledge that are only surpassed by his humbleness and exemplary 'down-to-earthiness". Most definitely you have heard the work of this 'musical-multilingual' guitarist -be it through recordings of innumerable Grammy-award artistis, singers and/or legendary producers, Hollywood-based super-production films, T.V. live broadcasted shows/concerts and commercials, to name a few – For sure you have heard the magical sound of his art through the masterpieces of artists like Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Shakira ,Seal, Nelly Furtado, Enrique Iglesias, Pedro Eustache, Alejandro Sanz, Josh Groban, Vangelis, Diana Ross and yanni.

Pedro Eustache

pedVenezuelan-born Pedro Eustache is an openly creative solo flautist-"World-Music" woodwinds-reeds-synthesist-composer, with a unique, richly eclectic, multi-directional personal voice. His musical language is the direct result of years of both solid studies and professional experience in the classical-European, Jazz, World-Music, Popular, and Computer/Electronic music art forms. He graduated from two European conservatories in classical music, has a M.F.A. in Jazz in the USA, & has studied world music disciplines with some of the greatest masters, including India's living legend Pandit Ravi Shankar & matchless "bansuri" master Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, "Armenian duduk" with maestro Djivan Gasparian, "Persian Ney" with professor Houman Pourmehdi , classical Arabic music with maestro Riadh El Fehri and "Arabic Ney" with Dr. Nabil Abdmouleh and maestro Hamsa El Faqir; "Australian didgeridoo" with David Hudson; the "Chinese Xiao" (trad. Chinese bamboo flute) and "Japanese Shakuhachi" with the late sensei Mazakazu Yoshizawa; "Tunisian Mezoued" with maestro Mustapha Ben Romdhane; "Kawala" [Middle Eastern oblique folk shepherds' flute] with master Nour Dhin, and many more.
Mr. Eustache's professional activities go from solo western classical recitals, to more than seven years of symphonic experience, to jazz concerts, pop, world music [traditional & cross-over], in tours, live performances, recordings & lecturing.
In 2008, he had his 'come-back' solo concert in his native Caracas, as a soloist & guest teacher for the '2nd. Caracas International Flute Festival', performing the C. Nielsen 'Concerto For Flute & Orchestra', conducted by the young dynamo Christian Vasquez and the "Simon Bolivar Youth Symphony Orchestra". He has also performed and/or recorded as a featured soloist with the "Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia", "L'Orchestre Symphonique Du Bal de Vienne", "Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar", "London Symphony Orchestra", "Prague Symphony Orchestra","Venezuela Symphony Orchestra" [first flute chair for two years], and the "Caracas Symphonietta" [founder & principal solo flute 'chair' for two years] and many more.
He was a featured soloist in the '05 Grammy-award winner "Concert for George", playing for the first time ever the "Armenian duduk" in a traditional Indian classical music setting, as a member of India's living legend, & his teacher, Pandit.Ravi Shankar (Pedro is his only latin-american disciple).
As a studio musician, Mr. Eustache has become the first-call world-woodwinds soloist 'de facto' for the recording studios scene in L.A., having done a large number of studio sessions for movies as a flute/woodwinds instrumentalist .He is the main world-winds instrumentalist in John Debney's soundtrack for Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" movie [nominated for best film-music for the 2005 Oscars]. He won the 2007 Film & TV Music Award for Best Instrumental Performance by a Soloist in a Film or Television Score category for his work in Hans Zimmer's Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Pedro is the main world winds soloist featured in many movie soundtracks, including Steven Spielberg's film "Munich" w/film music composer legend, John Williams in which He played Middle-Eastern flutes, reeds and Armenian duduk (nominated for both the 2006 Oscars & the 49th. Grammy Awards for 'Best Soundscore'); Peter Jackson's "King Kong" w/James Newton Howard (also in "The Interpreter", "Hidalgo"); as well as in Warner Bros. "Syriana" w/Alexandre Desplat (& Djivan Gasparian!), as well as in the first Hollywood-Bollywood co-production "Marigold", w/Graeme Revell. Other film, TV soundtrack recordings include: maestro Michel Colombier ("Largo Winch"), Danny Elfman ("The Hulk"), Tim Truman ("Jeremiah"). He also soloed extensively in Middle-Eastern woodwinds & duduk with the London Symphony Orchestra in the film, "The Body" and Other film soundtracks include "Kung Fu Panda", "American Gangster", "Rendition", "David & Fatima", "Body Of Lies", "Don't Mess with The Zohan", "Blood Diamond", "Tropic Thunder", "The Tale Of Despereaux", "The Stoning Of Soraya M.", "The Mummy 3", "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" and many more and most recently he is the featured Persian Ney in soloist in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".
Pedro is also featured prominently in computer games' soundtracks "World Of Warcraft": The Burning Crusade, a multiplayer title with over 9 million subscribers worldwide (with composers Matt Uelmen, Russell Brower, and Derek Duke), and Sony's "Lair" (by composer John Debney).
His world flutes and woodwinds solos are also featured with several artists, including the ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney with the song "Jenny Wren" , and a duet with in his "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" single CDs, and "Growing Up Falling Down" from his "Fine Line" single CD.
For more than 10 years he has been the featured winds soloist with new-age super-star Yanni. Other recordings, tours and/or performances include jazz flautist/composer extraordinaire James Newton, latin-rock super star Shakira ,Armenian composer/keyboardist Ara Gevorgian, Indian young luminary Anoushka Shankar, as well as in several international Christian crusades with evangelist Luis Palau, Pastor Benny Hinn & in various events with his spiritual father, Pastor Jack Hayford and Latin extraordinary Alex Acuña, among many others.
Eustache was brass section leader (tenor saxophone), for the Inside Job U.S. West-Coast tour for multiple Grammy-winner singer-songwriter Don Henley. He was also house band member for Edward James Olmos' Americanos Concert with Latin Superstars Cachao Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Paquito D'Rivera, José Feliciano, Juan Luis Guerra, Sheila E., among others, held at the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C., for the PBS Presents series.
He has a collection of around 500 instruments from all over the world --many of which uniquely custom designed & built by himself— , including winds, strings, percussion and electronic (analogue & digital) & DAW/computer-based and he holds a unique position in the international performing & recordings studio scenes, being first in demand for many solo artists, & producers, film & TV sound-track composers.
As an educator, Mr. Eustache has taught Classical western flute in the Venezuelan National Youth Symphony's Conservatory, the Children's Orchestra Conservatory; Jazz flute in 1993-95 at the California Institute of the Arts, & more recently [in 2008], in a renewed connection with his native country, 'Introduction to Music Technology', 'Improvisation for Non-Improvisers' Parts I & II & 'World Music I: Introduction to The Classical Music of North India' [extension courses] at the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Musicales IUDEM, as well as flute master classes at the FESNOJIV headquarter building in Caracas, Venezuela.
He is involved in researching, designing/modifying and building one-of-a-kind custom wind instruments as well as heavy involvement in applying computer-based audio digital technologies (the last two solo CD projects have been produced, recorded, arranged, engineered, and mixed by him in DAW-based systems). Mr. Eustache's performances are full of tremendous uplifting synergy, which seem to contrast with the tragedy he & his wife Sara suffered years ago, when loosing their three-year-old daughter -–Ginette Esther—to brain cancer.
Pedro publicly thanks the Almighty for his gifts, & dedicates his art to 'The One' Who validates the purpose of his existence: to "The Father of Lights", source of all.